Anthroposophic Medicine Research Congress

Dear colleagues from all medical professions,

To explore and fully understand the conditions of life and life itself, the methods and concepts of conventional (natural) science, based on a (post)modern worldview, do not appear to be sufficient. They need to be matched by methods and concepts from spiritual science. What are the consequences, challenges and opportunities / chances of an integrated holistic, i.e. natural and spiritual science based concept of life for science and for healthcare practice?

In the 2022 Anthroposophic Medicine research congress we will first explore worldviews, the contributions and limitations of conventional concepts of life and how spiritual science can help to improve our understanding of life. Then we will examine how we can study life in nature (plants, animals) and medicine; which conventional and anthroposophic methods can be used and what kind of results do they ‚produce‘? Subsequently we will hear how and with which results life processes are studied and addressed in Anthroposophic Medicine, for example in Anthroposophic Medicine diagnostics, eurythmy therapy, physiotherapy, biography work, psychotherapy, pharmacy, art therapy and nursing, and also in bio-dynamic agriculture and Waldorf education. In eight workshops these and other topics will be discussed further.

During the congress there will be poster sessions on Anthroposophic Medicine research, a performance of scenes of the Mystery Dramas (biography and karma) and the opportunity to have personal exchanges with researchers ‚on the market place‘. The congress will end with a plenary discussion on four questions:

  • What did we learn from the congress that is important for the future development of Anthroposophic Medicine?
  • Where do we stand with the concepts, methods and implementation of life knowledge?
  • Which questions do we have to answer through our research in the next 10 years?
  • How can we collaborate within and outside of Anthroposophic Medicine?
  • The congress is primarily meant for Anthroposophic Medicine healthcare professionals, healthcare students and researchers.

All participants are cordially invited to a common dinner on Friday. For the preparatory group

Prof. Dr. Ursula Wolf                               Prof. Dr. Erik W. Baars

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